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Donna Provenzano

Thank you very much for going to Washington to represent our hospital and children's healthcare. We are so very proud of you and all you have accomplished!!! You are a remarkable young lady!

Lori Velasco

Dear Julia,

I hope your trip to our nation's capital is a great one! Thanks to you and your wonderful family for helping Children's!


Megan Fennelly

Dear Julia,

Thank you very much for sharing your story in Washington. It is nice to see that Children's was able to find, diagnose, and heal your underlying health issues without you being able to verbalize what was wrong. I am so happy that your health is now triving! I hope you have a great trip.

Megan Fennelly

Frances Paparella

We are so proud of Julia and the way that she can now express herself so well and articulate with such intelligence and logic. A big Thank You to Children's Hospital and the health professionals who work there.


linda haythorn

Julia, I have known you since you were born and all I can say is I had the pleasure to watch you grow into the beautiful and smart young lady that you are today. Along with your parents we support your cause in Washington and pray for much success as you bring awareness to this issue for yourself and so many other children....God Bless you, I love you.....Miss Linda xoxoxoxox


Julia, what an amazing journey you and your family have been on, and what a great opportunity for you to tell your story to our Nation's leaders! Enjoy your experience in Washington D.C.!
The Whitmore's

marylynn spirito

My Dear Sweet Julia, You are beautiful! I wish you & all the children a safe journey on this very important mission. May God continue to Bless you & your family always.
Sending Lots of Love....Ms. Marylynn OOXOOOX

Amy Mansue

Julia - Thank you so much for coming to Washington and helping teach others about all that you have faced and the courage that you have shown. Can't wait for you to meet everyone!

Amy Mansue

sharon burke

Dear Julia- we have never met, but I am so proud of your achievements-through much hard work on your part and your team at CSH for guiding and treating you along the way. You are a beautiful child with an incredible story to tell- I know you will just "wow" Washington. You represent all the children who can't speak for themselves.
Best wishes,
Sharon Burke

Patricia Cortina, PT EIP

Dear Julia,

I have not had the pleasure to meet you, but am inspired by your story. I would like to thank you and your family for going to Washington. Thank you for being the voice for not only your story, but the voice of all children that face health issues. Be well now and always. Have a great time.

Patricia Cortina, PT EIP

Kelly Lynch, PT

Thanks Julia for representing Children's Specialized Hospital and all the children that come to us and work so hard to achieve their goals. You are an inspiration to us all!! Good luck in Washington!

Janet L.

Hi Julia - Thank you for helping spread the word about the amazing work done at Children's Specialized Hospital! I am sure you will be a advocate they will never forget! Take care and be well!

Trisha Yurochko

Hi Julia, You will wow them in Washington not only with your dazzling smile and obvious personality but also with your incredible story of hard work and perseverance. We are so thrilled that you are representing Children's Specialized and helping to advocate for all children that need special medical care and services. Thank you. Trisha Yurochko

Laura Patterson

Dear Julia,

Thank you for sharing your story on Family Advocay Day. Speaking to Congress is an important job! Have fun in Washingtion.



Dear Julia,

Good luck! We are so thankful for your help!


Lisa DiCillo

I live in Bayville too. So glad to hear that a courageous young lady like yourself is representing Children's Specialized Hospital, Bayville, and all children who work hard! Enjoy and thank you!

Ann Gulian

when you were born it was hard for me to accept that anything could have been wrong with you. On the outside you looked so perfect, so beautiful, so healthy. I watched your mother and father agonized over trying to figure out why you could not eat or talk normally like your older brother could. The fear they felt with every doctor visit, every test that was done to find an answer. The weeks,and the months and the years of theropy that followed. The patiences of the caring people that you saw at The Children's Specialized Hospital until they put you on track to become the healthy child you are today. I commend them for their work and pray they will be able to be there for all of the other children who need their help. I praise your mother and your father for their endurance and I thank god who gave you to us. I wish you much success in Washington. I hope that the people in congress will reconize the importance of continuing to support funding programs for children's health care. To help to create better lives for all the children who are born with special needs. So in turn, those children can do special things, and make a contribution in this world.
Love and Light Grandma Ann

Beth Anne Myarick


Thank you for having the courage to share your story in order to help all 19,000+ kids at CSH continue to receive the care they need and deserve. You rock!



You have been soo brave from a very young age and continue your bravery by going to Washington. Thank you for sharting your story.

Josanne Pearsall

Thank you so much for heading to Washington to share your story. Through your generous act of kindness, you'll be helping so many children who cannot speak for themselves. Have a great trip.

Anthony Gunn




You a truly an inspiration for all of us on the Infant/Toddler team at CSH. Thanks so much for your support and have a great time in Washington,


Julia is a great advocate for this cause! I am honored to know her and her wonderful family. She is such an inspiration and example of how much children can acheive in spite of the obstacles they face. Go get 'em Julia!!! <3

Pat O'Hanlon

Hi Julia,
Thank you so much for going to Washington and sharing your story! We're all so fortunate to have you representing all the kids who work so hard to be the best they can be. Please tell all the representatives to remember you and all the kids at Children's Specialized Hospital when they make their decisions about Health Care. Have fun too!!! Washington's an amazing place!!
All the Best!
Pat O'Hanlon

Kenny O'Hanlon

hi julia - good luck in washington! Kenny O'Hanlon

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