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June 18, 2007


Vonda Keels-Lowe

Hi Kimmi;
I am so proud of you and the work you are doing to raise awareness in Washington. You are so special and I enjoyed being one of your nurses in the program. I know you will go on to have a bright future.
I hope you enjoyed your time in Washington.

Amanda Termuhlen

Hi Kimmi,
Thanks for making a difference at home in Columbus and in Washington. You have a very special voice - I am so proud of you for using it to help other kids across the country! Have fun meeting our legislators. Who knows - maybe you will be sitting in one of those offices one day! Keep up the good work - I hope swimming was fun!

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Kimmi's Story

  • Follow Kimmi Desir (shown with big sister Melissa) as she and 30 patient families from across the country visit Capitol Hill on June 19-20 to talk about the importance of child health legislation like Medicaid and SCHIP. Read more about Kimmi.

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  • Congress is about to reauthorize SCHIP. Write your Senator online and urge them to reauthorize SCHIP so eligible children can have health insurance and children's hospitals can better serve all children.

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