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June 18, 2009


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We are so proud of you. You give us all strength and hope.

Mom and Dad

Sean, you rock! Gabby still talks about how much fun "Hope's brother" (you) was and how cool the picture is of you and Sporticus.

You are an amazing kid!


Sean, you make us all proud & inspire each of us to be brave & courageous. Have fun on your trip. The girls have been asking about you & can't wait to see you soon.

Alex, Susan, Pieper, Morgan & Madyson.

Sean means "God's gracious gift" and that is what you are. We thank God for the gift of you --- for your love, humor and unending courage. We thank God for your mom and dad's strength, for all who cared for you during each hospital stay and for all who pray for you. We love you, YaYa & Papa

Hey little man! We are always praying for you! Continue being as strong as you want to be and nothing can stop you!! You're a great kid and God loves you!

Sean you are a Champion! We are alway thinking about you and praying for you. We miss you (especially Katie and Billy) and hope to see you soon. You are a fantastic kid!


Christine, Katie & Billy Mayer

HI Sean,
You are the best! Stay strong.
and always remember you are watched from above and God loves you.
You have a friend in Pennsylvania...Me
Donna DeSimone

Sean, you are truly a beautiful, courageous young man. We here at Pelham Middle School have always believed in you. May God continue to bless you and your family. Enjoy your trip. You deserve it all!.. Love Mrs. B.

Sean you are so strong and a beautiful example of God's love. You are forever in our prayers.
The Conroy Family

Hi, Sean. I've got a granddaughter who just turned 6 and loves to play soccer, too. Her family and I will continue to pray for you and your family. Love, Alice Champion

Sean, you are a true hero and a very special boy. Your faith and strength continue to be an inspiration to many. We love you and pray for you every day. God bless you.



Although I have only met you a few times I am blown away be your strength and your larger than life smile. I hope you know how much your Mommy and Daddy love you. The only smile I have seen bigger than yours is your Dad's when he speaks about you and your brothers and sister. We will keep praying for you and your health and God Bless.

Warmest regards,

The Mackin Family


You are an inspiration to all of us. We love you and wish you the best on your trip. I'm sure you picked out some of your favorite superhero costumes to wear. Please take lots of pix.

Hi Sean,
We are always thinking of you and your family. Enjoy your trip, you deserve it! We are sure you will liven the party.
Love Fred and Mary

Dear Sean,
There is a famous quote that goes something like this, "the future depends on what we do today". Way to go! So God Bless you on your trip, and always. You are always in our prayers!

Sean, you are a very special young man!! You are always in our prayers. Keep up the good fight. Love and prayers, Aunt Mary

Sean, you bring a smile to the room when you walk in. To see you play with your brother and sisters is a joy to see . You are an inspiration and very special. I look forward to seeing you and your family soon. Brian

Hi Sean,

Although we've never met, I feel like I've known you for so long. I work with your dad and he has told me about many your struggles, as well as your endurance and persistence during some of your most difficult challenges. You should know that you are an amazing inspiration to many people because of your immense amount of strength. Keep on flashing that contagious smile of yours, and stay strong. We are all praying for you.


The Oddo Family

We pray every night that God will bless you with complete healing. We never cease to be amazed by what a true superhero you are. You inspire us to be better people. Thank you, Sean!
Love, Marty & Flo

You are such a blessings in our lives. I was privileged to witness your Mommy and Daddy's wedding vows and you are the joy and love of their lives. Everyday I offer up Jesus at Mass and I ask him for special blessings on your healing and your faith. Your Grandpa and Grandma, Gene and Cathy are dear friends of my heart, "We Are Sacrament" and their faith and love inspire me too. I will place you in the middle of the Rays of Divine Mercy and ask our Savior to fill you with peace and love and joy.
Love and Pentecost graces. Fr Tom Devery

Hi Sean - Even though we've never met you, we feel like we know you. You are always a special part of our prayers and we thank God for the gift you are to so many people. Your cheerful, lively spirit inspires more people than you or your family can ever know. The Light shines in you!! Our granddaughter Lizzy is also a big fan of Sporticus! Lucky you, getting to meet him. Love, Mike and Mary Gibbons

Hey Sean. Its your cousin Billy. During my communion you came to my house and played on my trampoline with me. We had a really good time remember? We are going to be able to that again soon. Sean, you are a real fighter and I am really proud of you! See you next time and enjoy Washington!


Billy Mayer

We hope you all have a great trip to Washington. You are always in our thoughts and prayers. Sean you are an inspiration and a true champion!

Joe, Maureen, Juliana and Anthony Martins

Seanie! You and I are chemo buddies now! Be safe on your trip and tell them all how big of a fighter you are!

To infinity and beyond!!!

Love you!

Dear Sean,
We love you and pray for you and your family every day. Our son had chemo and loves theatre too. You are a terrific boy with a happy heart. God is great in you!
Bob and Melinda

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