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June 18, 2009


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Louise, When you become famous just don't forget about your Uncle Toby. We are very proud of you. Toby

Louise, now that you are famous, I am a celebrity riding teacher!See you on Saturday. Molly

I'm so glad that you are brave enough to speak up and tell others about the brain, how it works and how to protect it. I have loved getting to know you this year at school, reading your stories, and listening to your adventures with cupcake. You win everyone over with that smile of yours and the twinkle in your eye.
Mrs. Preble

You go girl. We love you and are very proud of you and Sam. Teach all those important people in Washington about brains. You are very good at teaching!


We are so proud of you! Your cousins are jealous of your great trip to Washington. We love watching you become famous and show off your teaching skills. -Uncle Tad

You are going to bring some hope to somebody that is at a loss and cannot figure out what is wrong with them. Keep giving hope to others.
Loads of love to you,
Crazy Aunt Betsy

You are a wise teacher. I am lucky to have been your teacher this year. I have learned a lot from you. have fun in Washington.
Ms. Franchot

My favorite clapper and tapper! So fun to view your website. Congratulations on your upcoming trip to DC. Give Cupcake an ear rub from me:)

Dear Sweet Louise!

Thank you for being such a wonderful teacher to all of us. You brighten our days with your joyful spirit and beautiful smile. Enjoy your travels to Washington! Love ... Mrs. Petra Johnson

Louise, it's great to see your story on this page. I remember how brave and still you had to be during your surgery. I'm so glad that you have been seizure-free since then, and that you've been teaching others about it.

Congratulations! I hope you keep dancing! --Mrs. Gilsdorf


You are an inspiration to me. To take your knowledge and share it with others is a true sign of a great teacher and a caring person. What a wonderful experience for you, your family and the people you meet. I'm excited for you!!

Your buddy, Mrs. Huddy

Dear Louise,

I join the others in saying how proud we all are of you. Wishing you all good things,

Ms. Loftus

Dear Louise,

Wow...What an exciting adventure for you and your family! Enjoy your trip to Washington.

Your friend, Mrs. Seebart

I hope you are enjoying summer! It was great to learn from you as you explained the photo of your brain. You have so much information and easily share with others. Through your openness, we learn and grow. You truly are a gift to all.
Have a fun trip!
Ms. Bellin

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