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June 08, 2008


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kathy lonabarger

I know you don"t know who i am, but i am your moms cousin . One of the Lawson girls,( Kathy ) I just want you to know i have been keeping on what you do and how you handle life . I trulely beleive you are an angle put here to teach others what life is really about, Wishing you all the best ! Lots of love ! Your 2nd. cousin, Kathy Lonabarger ( lawson )Have fun on your trip !


hi, i dont know if u remeber me but i was the one you meat at Riley hospitalon March,5,2008. and that next day i got the heart. i dont remeber what you told me but thank you u let me feel safe to go trough that . i remeber the time they said you need a transplant or youll die in six to five mounth, i didnt wont to go throughwith it untill i saw how much people cared and loved me but thanks alot for encourgeing me to go through with that.

Candy Terrell

Leah, Wow what an opportunity you have to share your story. I'm sure mom has coached you a lot and you'll do great. You know they say God won't give you more than you can handle so I'm sure he felt you could do this. God's blessings to you and your family this week and always.

Candy Terrell

Lindsay Morgan, Riley Child Life

Great Job, Leah! Best wishes!!

Lori Dove

Leah! This is so cool & you are the perfect person for the job! It is great that you work so hard to make a difference both personally and in the world! I pray that your week will be blessed and that others will feel your strength...

According to my Sunday School lesson Sunday people are either blessings or blisters and you have chosen to be a blessing! Way to go!


Debbie Murphy

Hi Leah,
We are all so proud of you and all of your accomplishments! You are an amazing young lady and a true inspiration! We are so fortunate to have you representing children and their healthcare needs! Best Wishes! Debbie

John and Linda Stafford

Leah, You go girl! Continue to let God's love shine thru' you just like you did in 1st grade S.S. We're praying for you and your mom. John and Linda

Dave M

Leah -

Good luck and tell them what you think! I'm proud of you.


I hope you have a fabulous and productive trip to Washington. Just be yourself, and you'll make a difference like you always do! Can't wait to hear about your latest adventures!
Love and prayers,

Lori Matter

Leah, Thank you for sharing your story in Washington -- what a great way to impact others! God is definitely working through you, and I'm sure your efforts will make a big difference! We're praying for you and know that you'll be successful!!
Lori Matter & family

Earl & Nancy Kruger

Leah, we are very proud of you. Look those lawmakers in the eye and tell them what is needed. Earl and Nancy Kruger

Susan Rekeweg

Leah, you are AMAZING. I am sooooo proud of you! I will be praying for you while in Washington, and will look forward to hearing all about it when you return. :o)

Val Messmann

Leah, May God continue to lead you on your journey. May He give you and your mom the strength for this trip. Blessings.

Laura Bowser

Leah - Way to go - being an advocate for a cause that you believe in and know first hand. I pray that God will give you the courageous words that you need to help others to understand.

Angie Moellering

We are praying God will use your words and story to impact decision makers to support children's hospitals! You are brave and have great tenacity.


Hey Leah,

Hope you have fun in Washington. Its soo cool that you get to make a difference. Its awesome that you can do this, there's now way i could talk to the senators and congressmen about important issues or anything really lol. Just remember to have fun, cuz "Girls just wanna have fun"!!

love ya,

Pastor Steve & Terrie

Leah, We are so proud of you and of your service to others. God bless you and keep you safe as you travel to Washington. Keep telling your story -- it's sure to make an impact! Love, Pastor Steve & Terrie

annette luttman

What a beautiful young lady.......the Luttmans are proud of your efforts and endeavors....Keep up the good work!

Laura J

Hi Leah, You and your mom are going to make a big impact on Washington! I remember seeing you in the workroom at school with your mom and wearing a surgical mask (about K-grdn or so). That's when I first heard your story and I have admired your spunk and attitude ever since. Shine!

Becky Koman


Your mom and I met when we were both your age I think way back when at IU. Although we do not keep in touch a often as we should, I still care about the comings and goings of her and all of her family. (But she didn't tell me about Washington!!!) Good Luck with your trip. Try and see some of Washington if you can. Be safe.

Becky KOman


Go get 'em girl!
With strength, hope, determination, and His never ending love!


Go get 'em girl!
With strength, hope, determination, and His never ending love!


Go get 'em girl!
With strength, hope, determination, and His never ending love!


How wonderful that you can go to Washington to present your story at a National level; you go girl! We are so proud of you!


Way to go, Leah! We are all so proud of the work you do and the young lady you have become. Keep working to educate people about organ procurement and donation. Perhaps it will allow more people like you to be saved and live a productive life.

Keep serving Him!

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