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June 08, 2008


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Eileen Lukaszewski

Not only am I proud to know you two, but also I consider it a great privilage to have been a part of your lives. Your giving nature, which is so like your mom, enables you to stand out and shine. People like you make such a difference in all the lives you touch. I am sure the children appreciate all you do for them. Keep up your wonderful work. Mrs. Lukaszewski

Uncle Jim & Aunt Jamie

Hey Beautiful!! Congress doesn't stand a chance with you batting for ACH...knock their socks off Sweetie!! Love you and miss you, Uncle Jim & Aunt Jamie

Cathy Brady

Deanna & Miles-You both are an inspiration to all of your fellow classmates at DHS and some of the staff and teachers as well! God bless you on your trip. You are both great kids and your mom is awesome! Have a great trip and know that your DHS family is very proud of you. Can't wait to hear stories about your trip and how well you both did. Lots of love, Mrs. Brady

Norma Liburd

Deanna ~ I am really proud of you and Miles. Everytime I turn around, you and your brother are taking on new adventures and fighting for a new cause. I admire you and your enthusiastic and caring nature. You are a bright shining star ~ (OK... and so is Miles!) Anyway, I wish you a trip that is fun and filled with memorable experiences. Speak from your heart and help the members of Congress understand the needs of all kids with health care issues. Love, Norma Liburd

Gerry Poling

It's several years since you were suffering from scoliosis. Thank goodness there are doctors available for diagnosis and treatment. You can now lead a healthy, normal life. Obviously, you have grown into the responsible young adult we knew you would be. We appreciate you for being in Washington to emphasize the need to continue to support the health of children and young people.
Have fun and bring back all your experiences to share with us!!

Fran Sellet

Deanna, okay so maybe I clicked on the wrong Marinello child to get to you.... but I just checked and didn't see a comment here from me.
You are one fantastic kid; and now, a beautiful young lady. Stay as sweet as you are and be inspirational to those around you. I am proud of you for the time and effort you have given for All Childrens. You and your family are phenomenal!
Love always,

Scott Wegscheid

Miles & Deanna, I received this e-mail from your Dad who I know from college. I haven't seen either of you since a trip to FSU for a football game many years ago. I had no idea that either of you had health problems since I hadn't seen you in so long. I'm so happy that both of you are doing so well. I do hope that you are successfull in helping out All Childrens Hospital. 2 years ago we had a granddaughter who had a brain tumor and she spent time at All Childrens and the staff, doctors, surgeons and everyone was absolutely wonderful and today, she is well and growing up just like you two to be a great person. We support all that you are going there to do and will pray that you have a safe and successful trip. Love you Scott & Susan Wegscheid

Dina Cagnina

Deanna & Miles,

It is heartwarming to see two young people so eager & willing to give support to such an important issue as children's healthcare.
You both will be excellent representatives of ACH and are supporting a wonderful cause.
Stay strong, take care & have fun!

Dina Cagnina

Uncle Bill

Hey young lady,

I am proud of the way you and your family are so close. You have one of the sweetest dispositions of any young lady your age. I am also happy for the advances available for you through ACH in dealing with your treatment. Keep on smiling, drawing, volunteering, and giving your brother fits... he deserves it! Love you! Uncle Bill


You are amazing!

Deborah A. Reyes

You have grown into a lovely young women. Your loving, caring and unselfish way has been of support always to your parents and brother, Miles. Uncle Art and I are very proud of your accomplishments and wish you the very best in this very exciting experience.
Love, Titi Deborah

your 7th grade lang arts teacher

Hi Deanna.

I'm so glad you are going to Washington for such a good purpose. You and your family are awesome.

Love to you all,
Joy Lowell

The Bayon Family

Hey Deanna,
What a gorgeous girl you are! (Just like your mom!) What a great cause for you to take up. It's a special trip with an important mission. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family as you travel to D.C. to advocate for All Children's Hospital. You are doing very important work. Try to have fun on your trip and we'll see you when you get back.
Lots of love!

The DiNicola Family

Be nice to your brother now while you 2 are in Washington!! :) You are the best!!! Have fun, enjoy yourself, and advocate with all your heart.'
We love you guys

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