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Heather, Dave & Ella

Claire - you are certainly an All-Star to our family!! Thank you for taking time out of your summer to visit Capitol Hill in support of children's health care!!

Dr. Pan

Dear Claire,

We are so lucky to have someone like you chosen to go to Washington, DC. You can help tell the important people there all about yourself and the need for good medical care for all children. Thank you for being our All Star!

Have a great trip!

Dr. Pan

Carol Lesnak


You are our All-Star at All Saints Catholic School! We are so proud of you and hope you and your family have a wonderful time in DC. We look forward to hearing all about it when you return.

Mrs. Lesnak

Phyllis Brandt

My Dear Claire, I am so very proud of you!! Just think, you'll be a part of a very important event that will help children all over America! You are and have been our hero and inspiration since day one. I do believe God has a plan for you, Sweetie! You make your family very proud. Bunches of love, Grammie Phyllis

Cathie Carrubba

Dear Claire,
What an important event you are taking part in. You are an amazing girl and I know will be a great contributor. Have a great time in D.C.!
Many Blessings,
Cathie Carrubba
St. Anne

Jackie Luchter

I am happy to read that you have been given such a wonderful opportunity! Enjoy your time I DC. I am sure you will gave stories to tell your classmates at ALL Saints catholic School!
Blessings, Dr. Lichter


You are an A-Star to everyone who knows you! We are so proud of you Claire! Go get em in DC!

God bless,

Chris & Joe Pillizzi

From your St. Anne family

Sheryn Abraham

Hi Claire,

Congratulations! We are so proud of you. You are an inspiration to so many people. Have a wonderful time in DC!

God Bless you always,

Sheryn Abraham & Manoj Babu

Stacy Boyce, CHW Social Worker


What a cool opportunity to travel to Washington D.C.! Sharing your story will help so many other children. They couldn't have picked a better All-Star. You are an amazing girl! Enjoy your trip!

Lisa Wavro


I am so proud of you! You are an All-Star and what a great way to finsh an All-Star, 5th grade year! Have a great time in DC with your family. I look forward to hearing all about it.

Mrs. Wavro

Kelly Birschbach

Claire, Congratulations!! What a great honor for you and a great trip, too :) We hope you have fun and we look forward to hearing all about it when you return. It is so important that we remind the people in Washington how important childrens' health care is and how vital Children's Hospital of WI is to our communities. Have Fun!!

The Birschbachs

Janice Holderead

Congratulations Claire! You truly are an all-star. Enjoy your trip to DC and sharing your stories with everyone you meet! God Bless from a St. Francis Xavier friend.

Mindy Woll

Hi Claire! Congratulations! You will be a wonderful ambassador to Washington D.C. representing children all over our country. Those United States Congress men and women, lawmakers, and leaders are in for a great treat! If anyone knows how to deliver hope, smiles, determination, fun, and gratitude it is you! So many times you have delivered those things to our school (students and faculty) just by telling and sharing your story. We will keep you in our prayers and YOU have a GREAT time! Shalom...from Mrs. Mindy Woll St. Francis Xavier Library

Paulette Kerns

Dear Claire,
You have been an inspiration since the day I first heard about you from Sister Sandy. I have enjoyed your family stories and adventures and I have admired your courage, strength, determination and faith in God. You are truly a super star and a hero to many of us. Enjoy your time in Washington D.C. Can't wait to see pictures. God Bless,
Paulette Kerns (1st grade teacher St. Francis Xavier School)

Tina Bresnahan

Claire - what an All Star you are every day of your life. You have inspired so many of us at St Francis Xavier when your Aunt Sandy shares stories with us of your fight and success. I am sure you well represent everyone with great pride in Washington. Have fun and enjoy your chance to shine - you were placed here to do that.
Tina Bresnahan

Mary Beth Esterburg

Claire...I can only agree with all the comments that have been posted before me. You have and continue to be an inspiration to all. We have cheered with your victories and cried with your disappointments....but never ceasing to continue to pray for your strength and courage! Washington will be so much fun! Please take loads of pictures and post them (then again....maybe your will be on national t.v.!!??!) so that we can all share this honor with YOU!
Mary Beth Esterburg (1st grade teacher-S.F.X. Medina, Ohio)

Judy Podrasky

Claire, What a wonderful opportunity for you to go to Washington to share your story. God is using you and your family in a very special way! You are remembered in our morning prayers at school every day. We'll anxiously wait to hear all about your trip from your Aunt Sandy. God bless you, Judy Podrasky (St. Francis Xavier School)

Sr. Donna Mikula

Dear Claire,

Aunt Sandy and I have been friends for MANY years. I keep tabs on your progress and, of course, have been praying for you. What a gift of life and courage you are for many!

Sr. Donna

Kim Magnan

Claire, you are a rock star and an all-star all rolled into one! I feel so blessed to have spent some time with you and your family.

Kim Magnan

Amanda Plute-Schlitter

You are such an inspiration! Your Aunt Sandy keeps all of us updated and prayers are sent your way daily! How awesome that you may get a chance to meet our first lady... make sure to get pictures if so :). Continue beating the odds and know that there are so many people cheering for you! God bless you, beautiful girl!
-Amanda Plute-Schlitter

Angela Farkas

Dear Claire,

What an honor it is to be selected to be a representative for children's health! They couldn't have picked a better role model! You've always been and continue to be such an inspiration to all of us, and we have love watching you grow throughout the years. Have a wonderful time in Washington, D.C.!
~Angela Farkas (music teacher at St. Francis Xavier School)

Susan Rohe-Brooks

Hi Claire,
This is Sue Brooks(your Aunt Sandy's friend)and I just wanted you to know how proud we are here at St. Francis for all you've accomplished thru the years. You are such a brave girl and a real example to others of strength and courage. Have a wonderful trip to DC and enjoy your honor. I can't wait to hear about your trip. Give my best to your mother,father, brother and sister,too!
Blessings, Sue Brooks

Kathy Kovacs

Hi Claire,
I'm so proud of you! You are truly an All Star ... you are an inspiration to so many people. I hope you and your family have a wonderful time in Washington, D.C. I'm happy you will meet Mrs. Obama!

Take Care,
Mrs. Kovacs

Karen Carabin

Hi Clare!

Your St. Francis Xavier, Medina, Ohio Family remains so inspired by your strength and spirit. Enjoy your trip to Washington, D.C.
We will stay tuned for more wonderful Clare stories... You Go Girl!

Karen Carabin
3rd Grade Teacher S.F.X.

Sandra Bevec

Hey Clairey .... you continue to be a true gift from God to our family and one of my two favorite nieces. (Can't make Gracie jealous). You have opened many hearts and inspired many people with your strength as a true child of God. Blessings to you, Gracie, Frankie and your Mom and Dad.
Love you, Aunt Sandy

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