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Please send a message to Connor our ACH star who will be attending Family Advocacy day later this month!#ach

Justin Beland

Hi Connor,
Can't wait to meet you here in Washington, DC! I know you'll have a great time at Family Advocacy Day.

Justin, National Association of Children's Hospitals

Tina VanderBeek

Way to go Connor! We are so excited and honored to see you going to Washington DC. You are our "all star"!


Connor brightens my day each time he presents to the Admissions office for registration. His smile warms my heart. You can see how loved he is by his expressions and loving ways. Bless you all and have a wonderful visit in D.C.. My prayers and thoughts will be with all of you.

Nancy Hubbs
Admissions Coordinator

Kerry Carlisle

Connor, you inspire me everyday. I'm so proud of you! Your amazing spirit makes me soar. Love and Mommy kisses!!!

Ruth Young

Connor, my awesome grandson - your smile will energize everyone! You are so truly inspiring to Papa and me. You have always been an "All Star" with us and now everyone will recognize just how special you are! Love, hugs and kisses, Nana and Papa

donna madden

Have a great time in Washington Connor! Can't wait to read about all your adventures in DC when you get back. All My Best, Donna Madden

Nancy Sica

Dear Connor, we are so proud of you! It is always a joy to see you and your family. Have a wonderful time in Wash DC, You will always be a star!!! Love, Nancy & Aurelio and The Sica Family

Susan Carlisle

Hey Connor! We always knew you were an awesome nephew and cousin, but now you are officially an All Star! We hope your visit in DC is fun and rewarding. You show them all what good stuff the Carlisle's are made of! We love you! Love, FJ, Susan & Aiden

Susan Bresadola

Congratulations Connor I am so proud of yu. You have a wonderful time in DC and show them all just how great you really are. I love you and so proud of you. Love Aunt Sue Bresadola.

Gaudi DePedro

Hello Connor! My name is Gaudi and I work with your Grandma Ruthy. I am so proud of you, enjoy DC with your family and friends

Sarah and Mark Pflaum

Go, Connor! Go, Connor! We love you and we hope you have a great time in D.C.!
Love, Aunt Sarah, Uncle Mark, Anna Lisa and Jack

Shannon Anderson

Go Connor!! Have a great time!! You are a remarkable kid with a great family!!
Bo, Abbie, Shannon & Mica

christy janssen

Deas Connor,
I still have your first birthday picture on my fridge. I am so proud to know you and your family.
nurse Christy

Angela Heath

Conner I have seen you grow and overcome so many obstacles. You are a fighter and your story is truly an inspiration!! It is an honor to know you and your family. Good luck and have a safe trip.
From your long time nurse Angela.

Kathi Exner

Way to go, they will be better individuals just by meeting and getting to know you. Have a great time. Can't wait to see you in a few weeks.
Aunt Kathi and Uncle Jody

Ashley Mellone

Connor! Way to go buddy! You inspire me everyday with your strenght and courage! Show them what you go kiddo! Have a great time in DC. So much to see! Love, Ashley & Steven Mellone (Exner)

Maggie Reilly

Connor, I hope that you and your family have a great trip to Washington D.C. I am very proud of you and can't wait to hear all about your trip when you return. Maggie

Gary Heil

Whenever you visit your Grandma here at her office, your energetic and joyful spirit shines and you bring a smile to all of us. Have a great trip filled with wonder and joy.


Aunt Penny Lowe Stegall

Hi Connor, Uncle Brown and Aunt Penny just want to tell you how much we love you and how you have made our lives so much happier and better just because you just in it. We hope to see you at the farm again soon. We love your smile and your sweet disposition.

Casey Deakins

Go Connor!!! Can't wait to see you all at next year's picnic! =D


Mary Savage

Hi Connor
We're so excited for you and your family and your big adventure to Washington DC. Hope it's not too hot. Disappointed that you won't be coming a little further north to Philly, but we'll see you soon. We had such a great time with you and Reid.

Have a great time in DC and tell those politicians to make some decisions!

Love, Mary, Dave, Caty and Ryan

Stephanie Piko

Congratulations Connor! Have a great time in DC! We are all so proud of you! Hope you can make it to Colorado for a visit sometime!

Stephanie, Jim, Austin & Conner

Linda Nelson - SAE PTA President

Connor I am so thrilled for you! You are going to be a great representative in Washington! You tell them what the children need Connor, I'm sure you will be very convincing!

I always look forward to seeing you in the morning at school. We're always the first to get there in the morning. :) I hope your enjoying your summer and I hope this trip to our Capitol is a wonderful adventure for the whole family!

Ashton Raymer

Good Luck Connor! You are very brave to go to congress. See you back a Cub Scouts! Your Friend, Ashton Raymer

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